Monday, August 5th

  • 7pm – Opening Reception
    • Welcome and snacks
    • Introduction of speakers
    • Presentation by L’Arche Antigonish
    • L’Arche Musicians

Tuesday, August 6th

  • 9am – Gathering & Plenary
    • What Counts as Community? A Skeptical Optimist’s View with Dr. Pamela Cushing
  • 11am – Split Sessions
    • Supporting Diverse Learners in Post-Secondary Education with Tara Connolly
    • Beyond Welcome – What Do People With Intellectual Disabilities Have To Teach The Church with Shannon MacLean
    • Music with Mikayla Kaminski
  • 12pm – Lunch & Learn
  • 1:30pm – Panel – Lessons Learned in L’Arche
    • Current & former members of L’Arche across Canada (Beth Porter, Sarah Parisio, Debra Moore, Anna Gardin) share how their experience of community and relationships in L’Arche has shaped their life and work
  • 3:30pm – Split Sessions
    • Making Mayor Greg: Life, Law, Love, & Liberalism with Vince & Greg Kazmierski
    • Drumming Circle with The Studio, L’Arche Antigonish
    • Open Space
  • 7pm – How My Light Is Spent: L’Arche Behind the Scenes with Michael McDonald

Wednesday, August 7th

  • 9am – Gathering & Plenary
    • The Gift of Our Difference & What We Share with Dr. Jutta Treviranus
  • 11am – Split Sessions
    • Disability Studies 101 with Dr. Pamela Cushing
    • Making Mayor Greg: Life, Law, Love, & Liberalism with Vince & Greg Kazmierski
    • Open Space
  • 12pm – Lunch & Learn
  • 1:30pm – Panel – Agents of Change
    • Activists working for social change (Sylvia Parris-Drummond, Adam Sigrist, Mary Mae Isaac, Gerry Post) across a variety of communities share their successes and challenges. What do we share? How can we work together?
  • 3pm – Split Sessions
    • Building Community Through Art with Creative Connections of L’Arche Saint John
    • Storytelling 101 with Michael McDonald
    • Open Space
  • 4-7pm – L’Arche at the Market
    • We’ll join the Antigonish Farmers Market, where local artists and artisans from Antigonish and beyond, including artists and entrepreneurs with disabilities, will showcase and sell their wares. Bring your wallets!
    • As the sale unfolds, the mic is open for performers to share their talents!
  • 7pm – Freedom Tour
    • Film screening and discussion with People First

Thursday, August 8th

  • 9am – Gathering &Plenary
    • Outtakes & Takeaways: Stories From The Cutting Room Floor with Michael McDonald
  • 11am – Split Sessions
    • Deeper Into Inclusive Design with Dr. Jutta Treviranus
    • Drumming Circle with The Studio of L’Arche Antigonish
    • UNCRPD – A Progress Report with Steve Estey and Lori Vaanholt
  • 12pm – Lunch & Learn with the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living
  • 1:30pm – Panel – More Than Inclusion
    • People engaged in the work of moving beyond inclusion to citizenship, and to full membership of people with disabilities in communities and society (May Banting, Steve Estey)
  • 3pm – Split Sessions
    • Supporting Diverse Learners in Post-Secondary Education with Tara Connolly
    • Digital Accessibility & Intellectual Disability with Lisa Snider
    • Music with Mikayla Kaminski
  • 5:30pm – Supper
  • 7pm – Music & Friends with Dave Gunning & The Kitchen Criminals
    • An amazing night beginning with an hour of songs and stories from Dave Gunning, followed by a traditional East Coast ceilidh – fiddles, pianos, squatedancing, and all kinds of fun
    • Tickets for this event are included in your conference registration, or can be purchased as stand-alone items for $20

Friday, August 9th

Bon Voyage!

Things to note

  • All plenary sessions and panels will include graphic interpretation.
  • Childcare is available at L’Arche Antigonish during plenary sessions and panels. Other times will offer kid-friendly sessions and activities.
  • All our keynote speakers and many of our other presenters will be with us for the duration of the conference and are eager to be available for more in-depth conversation or questions with participants.
  • For the duration of the event, there will be a community connections room that will always be open. You can have a coffee with a friend, create art, play a Board game, or invite someone in to a deeper conversation.
  • For a few hours a day, at key times between sessions or in the evenings, we will have a small audio-recording corner where you are invited to come in two or threes to talk about the “Great Questions” – to tell your story of relationship, inclusion, or welcome, even if that story is painful. With your permission, we will share these stories in a “Celebrate The Gift” podcast that will be released, one episode at a time, in the 2019-2020.
  • The “Open Space” sessions are there for people who might want to offer their skills or experience to host a session. If you have something to offer, or someone else to suggest, email us at! Or if you have any other questions, or feel there information missing from here, let us know at that address.